Esquina Mocoto

Authentically Brazilian eatery, indisputably fun and delicious.

Hours 12pm-3pm and 8pm-11pm, Tue. - Sun.
Phone (55) 11 2949-7049

Av Nossa Sra do Loreto 1108 S o Paulo 02219-001 Brazil


Brazilian foodies demanded famed local restaurateur Rodrigo Oliveira open a companion to the beloved Mocotó, now he has responded by opening Esquina Mocotó next door. The interior blends comfort and elegance with a youthful vigor: local graffiti artist Speto created the bright mural on the back wall. Oliveira is a frequent sight on the dining floor, always happy to engage with guests and offer recommendations.

The Food

The menu is adventurous and designed the showcase the diversity and vibrant flavors of authentic northeast Brazilian cuisine. Open with the roasted bone marrow appetizer and you won't be disappointed: the wait staff will suggest you spread the savory marrow on their grilled bread, then garnish with salt, arugula and vinaigrette. Carne del sol is sliced salted beef cured in the sun, another local favorite prepared and garnished to fine dining standards. Handmade pork sausage that's rich and fatty, Amazonian Pirarucu fish and addictive dadinhos de tapioca (little fried cheesy “dice”) are all wonderful, elevated by the kitchen's commitment to exceptionally high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Last Word

Esquina Mocotó is another feather in the cap of Rodrigo Oliveira, with an adventurous and delicious menu that celebrates local ingredients and authentic northeast Brazilian cuisine.

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