Le Coq Rico

Modest French chef leads stellar bistro with best chicken in NYC

Hours 24
Phone 212-267-7426

30 E 20th Street New York NY 10003 United States


The story of Le Coq Rico (The Bistro of Beautiful Birds) didn't begin in NYC, but Paris's Montmartre where chef Antoine Westermann began his love for whole-bird creations. Westermann's first restaurant in the United States, the Flatiron space evokes a modern midtown flair within a 1915 building reequipped with open kitchen, counter bar and spare dining room that sometimes suffers under all-too-bright lighting. Lighting aside, it's the best chicken you'll eat in New York.

The Food

Antoine Westermann is no newcomer to cooking, headlining his Paris bistro in addition to garnering a 3-star Michelin award for his original Strasbourg gourmand. Today, Le Coq Rico is about all-things poultry with a daily lunch and dinner menu that serves up appetizers of slow-cooked eggs with chanterelles, deviled eggs and salad of chicken livers ever so delicately presented as with the terrines and foie gras. Main course includes selections of rotisserie chicken, farm-sourced duck and pan-seared scallops - but what you’ll really want is the whole bird that’s big enough for four guests and so delicious that some order it alone.

Last Word

3-star Michelin chef debuts most delicious chicken NYC has ever tasted, in trendy Flatiron bistro and bar space.

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