Local SF boutique department store home

Hours Mon. - Sat. 10am-6pm, closed Sun.
Phone (800) 766-7628

135 Post Street San Francisco CA 94108 United States


Founded in 1861, Gump’s is a San Francisco legend offering a high-end collection of jewelry, housewares and gifts that include selections from Hermes, Cartier and custom Far East specialties. Visitors arrive to a towering glass storefront that yields a staircase atrium that is home to a gilded Buddha, derived from the Ch'ing Dynasty in the early 19th Century that’s one of the largest of its kind outside of a museum.


Despite the Buddhist vibe, the shop is a beacon of city spirit with endless cards, housewares and merriment that keeps kids and spirited adults in a shopping trance.

Last Word

A few streets away from the flurry of fashionable shoppers around Union Square home to Macy’s, Saks and Neiman Marcus, this legendary emporium has been a San Francisco tradition longer than any other local store.

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