Soho House Chicago

Soho House goes big in Chicago

Hours 24
Phone (312) 521-8000

113-125 North Green Street Chicago IL 60607 United States


Who's Going

Soho Members, Hollywood Celebs, A-List

Reason to Stay

Private Club, Rooftop Pool, Spa Scene

Hotel Type

Club Hotel

What started as a singe townhouse-style club in London, Soho House has grown into a series of destination hotel properties in Berlin, Miami and New York. Its Chicago incarnation is its largest to date and comes with the architectural pedigree of a 1900s factory in the city's West Loop and Restaurant Row that until now was flagrantly lacking hotel options. Inside, a more inclusive to the public operation includes installments of familiar London eateries Pizzaeast and Chicken Shop that simply serves free-range Indiana rotisserie chickens. Interiors mix period industrialism with British countryside décor within a clubby Drawing Room and more intimate Club Lounge that's members only. But the true pièce de résistance is along the rooftop with a 80-foot pool with preening scene and all-day dining room that will make you even consider spending summer in Chicago" or at least Soho House Chicago.

The Room

For those without membership, a booking in one of the 80-rooms offers full house privileges as well as access to the expansive Cowshed Spa and fitness center with boxing ring. A series of Small, Medium and Large Rooms feature familiar concrete ceilings, industrial undertones and turn-of-the-century décor mixed with influences of the British countryside. Details include signature in-room bar with on-demand bartender and silver tea service. Bathrooms feature an endless selection of Cowshed Spa toiletries A library offers weekly house events from workshops to karaoke while the in-house movie theater promises regular screenings we somehow always miss at its other locations.

Preferred Room


Special Features

Rooftop Pool, Luxury Spa, Fitness Center


Rooftop Pool, Lounge, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Bistro

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