Beached in Barcelona

April 21, 2014 08.46 AM

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Barcelona came to embrace its beaches; a combination of Olympic development and environmental initiatives paid dividends as today locals and visitors revel in its sandy shores. Those looking for the best beach address have but two choices. Hotel Arts Barcelona has maintained its Catalonian identity for over two decades with Six Senses Spa and poolside scene trimmed in Gehry while newer W Barcelona caters to more of a posh party crowd with eclectic décor and entertainment infrastructure of Michelin Star restaurant and rooftop nightclub that’s one of the W-brand’s better locations.

On a hillside just west of Barceloneta you’ll find Hotel Miramar built for the 1929 World’s Fair with its extravagant grassy pool scene and rotunda lobby renovated in 2006 but has since struggled to standout against smaller boutique properties like OMM, Neri and Ohla. A lengthier walk away is Mandarin Oriental with its dramatic entrance and interiors by Patricia Urquiola that’s the top reservation in the city while newer properties like Hotel DO Plaça Reial are attracting affluent visitors to forgotten neighborhoods.

For those looking for foodie fulfillment in Barcelona, restaurants like Tickets, 41° and Saüc are forging new territory in local cuisine. But its longtime ABaC that’s the city’s most awarded restaurant located within a gastro-design property that’s offering impressive specials through Spring that include accommodation and prix-fixe dinner. While it’s one of the furthest hotels from the beach, all the feasting will make biking or a jog to the sea all the more worthwhile.

Written by:

Michael Martin
Editorial Review Author


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