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Cape Town

Where to dine

enjoy the most decadent of restaurants

Casual Kloof Street Gourmand with Glam Terrace.

Glam townhouse with casual to fine dining in Cape Town

Stylish, historic Gardens dining room and member’s club

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Where to play

find the best nightlife and bars

Mixology reaches new heights at secret Cape Town lounge

Stylish Cape Town Mixology bar with boho, hipster following

Hybrid rooftop and attic hideout in Cape Town’s CBD

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Where to stay

for the finest hotels, charters and villas

Upscale, Design-Focused Boutique Hotel in Capetown

Terrace lounge, glam pool at Cape Town city resort

Bungalow owners do second design hotel in Cape Tow

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Where to relax

discover local spots to relax and shop

Cape Town’s top gallery for high-end African modern art

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