Sagamore Art Hotel Family owned art hotel is all-year Art Basel

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  • Sagamore Art Hotel

  • 1671 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA (305) 535-8088
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Michael Martin Editorial Review Author
  • Who's Going:

    Gloria Estefan, Jared Leto, The Rubell Family

  • Reason to Stay:

    Art Collection, Video Installations, Bilevel Bungalows

  • Hotel Type:

    Design Hotel

  • Preferred Room:
  • Special Features:
    Art Collection, Penthouse Suite, Family Owned
  • Amenities:
    Restaurant, Pool Bar, Pool, Beach Club, Lounge, Gallery
  • An icon of South Bach, Sagamore is Miami's preeminent art hotel and one of the best collections of modern art and video installations available to the pubic. Located a beach ball toss away from the Delano, this all-white deco icon contains the treasures of owners Cricket and Marty Taplin. The hotelier couple host their lifetime of collecting displayed throughout the lobby and 1st Floor of the hotel that includes an outdoor bar and pool flanked by a cabana area with one of the largest permanent video art installations in the America.

    Every December Miami Beach becomes ground zero for the contemporary art world with Art Basel Miami. At the center of the art madness is the Sagamore Hotel, a storied deco art palace owned by Marty and Christine Taplin that's the site of several celeb-laden soirées during the yearly event. The owners of one Miami's best contemporary art collections, the couple acquired the Sagamore Hotel and made the unlikely choice of turning the hotel into their own personal gallery free of charge and open to all.

    Instead of creating a series of gallery spaces or sequestering the art to VIP-level penthouses like many resorts, the Taplin's made the unlikely decision of displaying the collection year-round through the hotel lobby, restaurant and outdoor spaces as if it were installed in a home. Its art collection is open to guests and non-guests, who pass leisurely through the lobby and bar while taking in the collection at their own pace. On one wall there are life-size installations of Roxy Paine's infamous mushrooms and on another Massimo Vitali or Jose Bedia allowing guests to simply walk by, glance for a few seconds or stand and stare for hours with the comfort of a martini or glass of Rose in hand.  

  • The Room:

    A series of poolside bungalow room feature sliding door entrance to pristine white space with ebonized black furnishings and quirky modern décor. A private bar and formal dining room is set directly opposite the main pool and prime show-off grounds during events like Art Basel and WMF. Enter-level rooms feature beach or city views with top-floor penthouse that’s popular for rovate events and art soirées. Days are spent poolside in a cabana of in the art video garden near the main resort pool, lingering over the filmed images after drying off from a morning swim, returning from a beach run or whilst enjoying evening happy hour with friends between revolving video works again and again.

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