White 1921

LVMH-owned boutique hotel in St. Tropez

Hours 24
Phone (44) 04 94 97 52 66

Place des Lices St Tropez 83990 France

Who's Going

Paris Weekenders, Design Lovers, Honeymoon Couples

Reason to Stay

Designer Hotel, Romantic Atmosphere, City-Center

Hotel Type

Small Boutique Hotel

Nestled on Place des Lices in St. Tropez's village, Hotel 1921 recreates a 18th Century villa with sparse design with romantic minimalism. The hotel creates a clutter-free space with neutral colors and the occasional pastel all within one of the most charming house fronts in the city. Guests enter a small courtyard that twinkles with fairy lights after dark and by day is nestled with love struck twosomes and wayward strollers sneaking a peek. A single attendant stands the front desk, uncomfortably vanquishing the idea that this could just as easily be someone's private residence. The common areas are small and guests shouldn't expect to hang out in the lobby or at the pool, because they don't have neither. Virtually the same price as the Byblos and the other newer area hotels, the property brings minimalism to St Tropez but with a hefty price.

The Room

Walking the fine line between intimate and small, Hotel 1921 checks in with deluxe and suite level rooms that are spacious and well-decorated with contemporary furnishings. In stark contrast the standard rooms are just too small; each equipped no more than a bed, two side tables and a plasma TV most selected simply because a conventional TV would never have fit. Bathrooms are a practice in discipline, fitting no more than an average size person between a pedestal sink and micro-size bathtub. Visitors should splurge the extra hundred for a suite that won’t make you feel like you’ve check in to the staff level of a B-list cruise ship.

Preferred Room

Junior Suite - Park View

Special Features

Historic Hotel, Romantic Getaway, Small Hotel


City Center, Hip Clientele, Patio

Reviewed by:

Ann Vine
Editorial Review Author


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