Deja Vu Bar Showoff singles hit Innsbruck hideaway

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  • Deja Vu Bar

  • Herzog Otto Str. 8 Ecke Badgasse 6020 Innsbruck Austria (43) 650 91 00 666
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Ryan Styler Editorial Review Author
  • hours
    10pm-4am, Wed. - Sat.
  • It’s no easy task to find a hip-hop dance club in the middle of the Alps and even this village dance club is known to a few electronic house beats atop the occasional Jay-Z track. But it’s still hard not to love Déjà Vu and its infinite disco balls, curved ‘70s ceiling and mirrored walls that keep the party girls and narcissistic boys primping till 4am. The club lures some of Europe’s heavyweight promoters and selection of American DJs spinning a menagerie of hip-hop, funk and electronic house. Throughout the winter season are numerous sponsored events that bring in even more crowds, occasional red carpet and cigarette girls giving away corporate freebies. While there’s no VIP seating or even a clean booth to sprawl-out on, this doesn’t keep away the 40-something billionaires looking to let loose with their 20-something companions. 

  • Last Word

    Bump-and-grind dance club lures village revelers for weekend dance parties and seasonal promoted events.

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