Bar dos Descasados

Be a slave to Santa Teresa lounge life

Hours 11:30am-11:30pm
Phone (55) 21 3380 0200

Hotel Santa Teresa Rua Almirante Alexandrino 660 Rio de Janeiro RJ 22451-300 Brazil


It's not your everyday hotel bar, located in the former confines of a slave house in Santa Teresa that was once a working plantation and now the city's chicest design boutique hotel. Located adjacent from the main lobby, visitors make a lengthy cab ride from central Rio up to the hillside entrance with gravel valet and staunch doorman keeping a close eye on all who enter. Through a crisp white doorway, an indoor-outdoor bar is lined in hand painted red and white tiles stretching out over and indoor lounge area surrounded in arched walls of exposed stone and concrete. Outside, a sexy terrace is lined in teak cabanas and oversize couches conducive to large parties of flirty singles and spirited hotel guests sipping glasses of Rose and fruity cocktails.


After nightfall, have the front desk call a cab in lieu of hitting the streets in vain to find one on your own.

Last Word

Open daily, the bar closes at an earlier than expected 11:30pm on most night so the music doesn’t interfere with residing guests.

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