Pier 7 Architectural Beirut dance club with hip-pop edge

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  • Pier 7

  • Sea Side Rd. Dora- Beirut 166744 Lebanon (961) 70 697777
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Ann Vine Editorial Review Author
  • hours
    10pm-4am, daily
  • From the owners of Beirutís Crystal comes an epic dance space of unrivaled size and the ability to lure top-notch hip-hop and pop acts like Ke$ha and Flo-Rida like no other venue in the Middle East. An architectural marvel created by local design firm BLANKPAGE offers a series of seven unique, interconnecting bar and lounge spaces with a defining outdoor dance stage that overlooks the cityís industrial zone. Designed to mimic the ancient coliseums of Rome, the space features a massive circular bar thatís the defining visual as long as the club isnít so crowded that you canít even get to it. 

  • Last Word

    With little more than two-weeks notice of prime summer events and performances, stay connected to the clubís Facebook page for celebrity appearances and concerts.

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