Soho House - London Hottest social club and membership dining scene in London

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  • Soho House - London

  • 40 Greek Street London W1D 4EB UK (44) 020 7851 1182
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Ryan Styler Editorial Review Author
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    8am-4am, daily
  • An indiscriminate doorway on Soho’s Greek Street leads to a multistory townhouse that is home to London’s hottest membership club. Part country and part dinner club, the hybrid social lounge offers an all-day venue for be-seen meals and casual bar following. The is no glitzy elevator here as everyone from Jude Law to Prince William climbs the creaky stairs leading to the main reception. The house allows only members and guest of members to enter, leading them to a series of interconnected dining rooms, lounge and tea areas full of stylish Londoners from the city’s fashion and entertainment scene. By day the club is dressier with business lunches and movie meetings assembled along the long communal tables of the main dining room. After 5pm the house’s bar scene gets going with an evolved pub crowd making their way into the main restaurant around 8pm. The décor is surprisingly casual, with distressed wood tables and comfy club chairs in lieu of tablecloths and uptight Victorian seating. Around 10pm the music is turned-up as the club morphs into an entertainment venue with DJs spinning eclectic British beats. 

  • Last Word

    Soho-based membership club offers be-seen restaurant and lively lounge scene quickly expanding into outer boroughs and even America.

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