Pavillion Restaurant & Cafe Glassy eatery is more than just architecture

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  • Pavillion Restaurant & Cafe

  • Rennweg 4, Am Landestheaterplatz 6020 Innsbruck Austria (43) 512 25 70 00
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Ryan Styler Editorial Review Author
  • The Scene:

    Like an embassy of cool in the sea of grey Alpine style building that defines the Innsbruck cityscape, Pavillion is a two-story architectural marvel home to an all-day cafe, small lounge, and coveted dining room. One of the hottest restaurants in the city, the restaurant occupies a convenient location midway between the Imperial Palace and the Landestheater offering views of the snow-capped mountains and distant ski runs. The all-day cafe caters to stop-in businessmen looking for a quick sandwich or snack along the ruby red coffee bar and its small cafe. The dining room is an all-white sanctuary with red cubist chairs and banquettes snuggled together in a cubist glass-enclosed room.

  • cuisine
  • price
    $$$$ ($45-$65)
  • payment options
    Visa, MasterCard
  • hours
    11am-11pm, daily
  • table to get
    4-Top Window
  • special features
    Designer Eatery, Architectural Dining Room, Celebrity Chef
  • The Food:

    Pavillion fills an all-day dining niche that one doesn’t easily find in smaller cities such as Innsbruck. Café specialties include morning pastries, lunch salads and homemade soups. Chef Mansour Memarian creates a café and dining room menu of seasonal market cuisine infusing exotic spices to dishes like braised beef, tanjine chicken and lamb pistachio. Dessert is a symphony of homemade Austrian specialties including exotic cream tortes, puddings and soufflé.

  • Last Word

    Architectural eatery lures local foodies and be-seen diners for all-day dining at Innsbruck cafe and restaurant.

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