Eat Sense Chaweng Beach eatery for lobster soirees

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  • Eat Sense

  • Chaweng Beach Road Koh Samui. Thailand (66) 077 414 242
reviewed by
Ann Vine Editorial Review Author
  • The Scene:

    From afar this two-story hut at the edge of Chaweng Beach looks like a provincial Thai house of yesterday complete with thatch rooftop and teak staircases. But up-close it’s one of lively Chaweng’s top beach eateries offering a massive terraced dining room directly on the sand, a few feet from the rippling waves. Lined in locally sourced teak, the outdoor deck seems almost endless with its arrangement of cozy 4 and 6-person tables that never seem to sit empty for long during the high-season under a ceiling of open sky and scattered rice paper lanterns. Off-season features a small interior space with charming collection of colonial benches and wooden tabletops near retractable glass doors that keep everything dry from the elements. 

  • cuisine
  • price
    $$$ ($24-45)
  • payment options
    Visa, MasterCard
  • hours
    11am-12am, daily
  • table to get
  • special features
    Beachfront Eatery, Lounge, Sun Loungers, Bar, Hip Clientele
  • The Food:

    A lengthy menu of Thai and international dishes include mostly seafood and vegetarian items divided into sub-categories that require a bit of studying before offering up your order. Known for their lobster dishes, don’t miss out on the rare assortment of deep-fried and unique curry dishes that spice up the usually solo presentation of this shellfish in the US and Europe. Prawns are served family style with pineapple sauces and fried noodles as well as crab and calamari dishes sourced from local fisherman that are line caught verses by net. Those looking for more of a taste of home find a New Zealand lamb chop with mint salad or roast duck with zucchini and orange zest.

  • Last Word

    Popular beachfront eatery on Chaweng Beach offers daytime lunch scene and evening dinner on the sand with small bar and beach service during high-season.

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