Isla de Flores

Late-season eatery in Jose Ignacio next to La Huella

Hours 12pm-4pm and 8:30pm-12am, daily (Dec â€" Mar)
Phone (598) 0486 2009

Frente al Faro de Jose Ignacio Faro Jos Ignacio Uruguay


It seemed to rise out of nowhere on a lively corner of Jose Ignacio just down the sand from illustrious La Huella with a cutesy home store wedged between them. A terrace dining room and lounge painted in pastel white and blue occupying a prime corner of Jose Ignacio is home to the summertime resort outpost of Montevideo-based Isla de Flores. The Montevideo original has been around for more than a decade and is one of the capital's hottest eateries offering a gourmet Uruguayan menu with intricate wine list and social scene. Tabletops are adorned with colorful pottery from nearby open kitchens with staff hurrying plates around a casual but culinary dignified dining room of colorful walls and outdoor pool. 

The Food

In the world of South American cuisine there are a few chefs that stand out like their Robuchon and Savoy counterparts, with Mallmann being one and Gastón Yelicich being another. An original menu of locally sustained cuisine and market-fresh ingredients changes daily depending on the fisherman’s market in Punta. A daytime menu includes a hearty lunch that’s recently taken-on local La Huella as Jose Ignacio hotspot du jour with hefty salads, grilled seafood dishes and pasta specials that are as good as at the Montevideo original. Dinner is a more formal affair along a sexy outdoor dining room with similar menu but with heartier portions of grilled meats, baked seafood dishes and vegetable laden platters oozing with Uruguayan originality.

Last Word

Uruguay's top chef brings Montevideo gourmand to tranquil beachside location in seaside Jose Ignacio.

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