Drive in Style Luxury vintage car rentals in Florence and Rome

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  • Via degli Abeti, 180 Pesaro 61122 Italy (39) 0722 900111
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Ann Vine Editorial Review Author
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    Even if you belong to Hertz Gold and book into their collection of E-Class Mercedes on the mainland, there is something inevitably low-end about the assortment of car rentals on hand from cloth interior to tint-less windows that inevitably leave a car-conscious American feeling a little short of La Dolce Vita. This small but mucho chic business is owned by Claudia and Danilo’s who founded their company on a life of collecting prestigious classic cars and love of the Italian lifestyle.

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    6am-12am, daily
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    Italian vintage car rental company offers packaged itineraries and simple car hire of period fleet that upgrades your usual rental car experience whilst in Italy.

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    Our favorite cars of the collection include a Mercedes 190SL with cloth droptp, 1956 Austin Healey 100-4 with a folded windscreen and a racing leather belt on the louvered bonnet and 1963 Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina that oozes a mix of sports car machismo an sedan sophistication. Rates are not cheap, ranging upwards of 390-Euro per day and 2,000-Euro per week with free delivery to any Northern or Central Italian airport with a six day rental or more.

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