Lively sushi eatery with locally sourced same day specialties

Hours 5pm-12am, daily
Phone (52) 624 143 2491

Blvd Marina lote 10 local 2 Plaza de la Danza Cabo San Lucas B C S Mexico


It's not the first place you think of when the idea of sensational sushi, but Nick-San is in a league of its own in many ways from its two locations in Cabo San Lucas that now includes a newer outpost in Palmilla. But the original Nick-San is still our favorite, found under a zigzag logo and glass storefront that's home to an overflow bar scene on busier weekend nights. Inside, a modern hideaway is large than it appears on the outside with single large dining room entrance flanked by tequila cocktail bar on one-side and sushi bar on the other.

The Food

Nick-San could just be another really good sushi menu if not for the ethos of sea-to-table cooking for a menu of sushi and sashimi that in most cases is caught on the same day as consuming. Traditional Japanese cutting techniques and flavors offer delightfully fresh presentations of salmon sashimi, yellowtail and tuna but with more complicated concoctions. Meals are best begun with an order of tuna poki in lettuce cups, seaweed salad or clear lobster roll. Heartier dishes like snapper fillet with citrus crust, black and white seared sashimi and crunchy squid spicy handroll offer favors that justify the cult-like following of the restaurant.

Last Word

Delightfully unkitschy Japanese eatery in Cabo San Lucas offers sashimi and sushi menu of seafood caught the same-day amongst friendly staff and laid-back bar scene.

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