Vespertine is event dining that caters to pricey tastes in LA.

Hours 5:30pm-11pm, Wed. - Sat.
Phone (323) 320-4023

3599 Hayden Avenue Culver City CA 90232 United States


Vespertine is the newest restaurant creation from Jordan Kahn (also of Destroyer), but the experience is dedicated to exploring "the convergence of food, art, architecture, music and sculpture." Prepare yourself for a uniquely indulgent and lavish performance. The restaurant is located within and atop Culver City's distinctive Waffle Building, with commanding views that sweep from Malibu, across the Hollywood Hills, to Downtown LA. Valet check-in is required (look for the dramatically cloaked figure) and a Vespertine staffer will accompany you throughout your culinary adventure.

Chef Kahn typically greets guests on entry and the subsequent experience is nothing short of stunning. Modern d├ęcor is striking and sets an exquisite mood of drama, expectation and contemplation. You will move throughout the restaurant with each course. Everything is beautiful and, yes, food, art, architecture, music and sculpture truly do converge. As a foodie dining experience, Vespertine is unique and unforgettable.

The Food

The menu demands a curious, adventurous, tolerant palate and is always changing, save one constant: beautiful plating and intriguing flavor combinations. Vespertine utilizes a tasting menu concept with a very distinct Modernist emphasis. Past highlights have included such delectables as live scallop with almond and wild fennel frond, roast turkey with shaved rhubarb, and crab with white mushrooms and cabbage. Alcohol selections with the full menu are ample and suitable wine pairings are always suggested. Be aware, Vespertine is event dining and accordingly pricey: all menus are prix fixe and dinner for two typically runs into four figures. Service is beautifully and precisely choreographed. Reservations are REQUIRED.

Last Word

Vespertine stunningly blends art, architecture, music and food into an unforgettably dramatic, avant-garde experience worthy of the most adventurous foodie tastes.

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