Colonna Resort

Quirky Porto Cervo resort alternative

Loc Cala Granu via Capo Ferro km 1 8 Porto Cervo Marina 07020 ARZACHENA OT 39 0789 900046 Italy


Who's Going

Budget Travelers, Young Families, Jetset Virgins

Reason to Stay

Convenient Location, Pool Scene, Waterfront

Hotel Type

Resort Hotel

It's an affordable and little-known back-up plan for when your stay at Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo doesn't quite workout. Hotel Colonna suffers from unfortunate sprawling resort architecture but idyllic waterfront location home to what is one of the largest pools on Sardinia. Just more than a mile from Porto Cervo Marina, a beachfront bluff of myrtle and juniper trees lays this Mediterranean mega-resort divided into a series of interconnected "block style" buildings. Not a resort for those that don't like a bit of a walk to get to the pool or beach or restaurant, Colonna interiors feature a more traditional design aesthetic of terracotta-color textured walls and ornate contemporary Italian décor for a series of two on-site eateries as well as a beach club-style eatery and bar located on the manmade strip of sand that interrupts the hotel's rocky shoreline.

The Room

Rooms are tucked along a series of two-and three-story structure with head-on views of the sea of entrance to the old Porto Cervo harbor. All rooms feature a patio or terrace with interior recently refurbished to exude a rustic and luxurious décor with heavy use of earthy colors and bold red accents. Top floor rooms are the most preferable, with the best views with beam-ceiling detail. Suites offer more expansive, but open-flow living space with entertaining terrces adorned with dining table and loungers. Visitors to the hotel should keep in mind it’s removed location that requires a car to get virtually anywhere in a rush.

Preferred Room

Sea View - Blacony

Special Features

Gourmet Eatery, Pool Scene, Yacht Harbor


Restaurant, Bistro, Lounge, Pool, Spa

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