Mio Buenos Aries

Hip eatery, lobby lounge at Recoleta hotel hotspot

Hours 24
Phone (54) 11 5295 8500

Av Quintana 465 Buenos Aries Recoleta Argentina


Who's Going

NY Weekenders, Winer Lovers, Design Aficionados

Reason to Stay

Design Hotel, Pool Spa, Lobby Scene

Hotel Type

Design Hotel

Opened in 2011, Mio Buenos Aires is located along Recoleta's grand Quintana Avenue that's long been the preferred neighborhood for the city's upper echelons and showy luxury hotels. On first sight, a baronial front door rises nearly 20-ft. abd leaves a hefty impression with its knotty oak from vintage French wine casks. Inside, the French aesthetic continues with vintage hand-painted armoires in regal red tones with floral detailing set against walls of metallic-silver plaster and rustic wood beams that offer a refreshing new design spin on local boutique hotel decor. Adjacent to the main reception is a small library with stark modern stone floors and walls of glass that face a landscaped cityscape. At the center of MIO a lively lounge and eatery that was once home to TO- a well-known BA Franapaise restaurant that took the city by storm in 2009. The restaurant space continues to impress even by a different name with light filled dining room, creamy leather booths and center-dining room facing an outdoor sculpture garden. 

The Room

Rooms are accessed through rustic wood doors into fashionable living spaces with integrated step-up bathrooms with sculptural bathtubs that weigh more than a ton laboriously carved by artist Mario Dasso. Rooms offer further wine accouterment like in-wall wine decanters stocked with Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. Throughout the hotel, walls are used to profile up and coming artists emerging on the local art scene with an urban edge. The upscale neighborhood offers a more idyllic backdrop for business travellers that often flounder in areas like Palermo or San Telmo with their more rugged urban facades.

Preferred Room

Junior Suite

Special Features

Design Hotel, Hip Clientele, Wine Theme


Lounge, Restaurant, Spa, Pool

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