Wynn Las Vegas

High-rollers take their expectations to Wynn

Hours 24
Phone (702) 770-7100

3131 S Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas NV 89109 United States


Who's Going

Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld

Reason to Stay

Luxury Boutiques, Golf Course, Gourmet Eatery

Hotel Type

Resort and Casino

Located on the former site of the Desert Inn and across from the Fashion Center, Las Vegas' most venerable developer offers an angular high-rise hotel and casino equal parts art and entertainment. Entering through a long arcade of ritzy and sometimes-obscure luxury shops, a main floor casino offers open windows and views to a tropical rainforest and Jurassic Park-like waterfall. Three restaurants and a shopping arcade surround the main casino, camouflaged by Renoir-inspired fabric walls, leather upholstery and canopy ceilings. The two pool areas feature a family friendly and European-style beaches, the latter allowing for childfree, topless sunbathing and DJ most weekends. Ill compared to the Sistine Chapel and other monumental human works, the hotel does fill equally as many camera lenses from starry-eyed tourists and those who haven't seen the real thing.

The Room

The signature curve-design of the hotel offers seemingly endless hallways lined by ornate carved doorways and sparse walls (only suite floors have artwork). Rooms are designed to reflect the masterworks of Renoir and Warhol, interpreted through slightly-too-small LCD-television screens, provincial furnishings and reproduced lithographs. All rooms feature automatic drape controls, signature-Wynn bath products, and a well-equipped bar with gourmet snacks and top-shelf alcohol. Guests are indulged in personalized stationary and a telephone system that never allows one to forget their name, but allude to five-star service that isn't always present on the first-or-second-or third call to the concierge or room service. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the hotel bespeak the architectural quality of the hotel, perfectly framing the western-Las Vegas strip and its endless neon horizon.

Preferred Room

Parlor Suite

Special Features

VIP Tower, Sedan Service, Gallery


Golf Course, Spa Restaurant,Theater Lounge, Beach Club, Nightclub

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