Dar Ahlam: Perfectly Lost in the Midnight Sahara

April 18, 2016 08.06 AM

A mere two-hour flight from mainland Europe, Marrakech lures those yearning to escape regimented city life for seductive architecture, monuments paying tribute to fashion icons past, and an electric bazaar that's a true world wonder. But further away, on the edge of the Moroccan desert near Ouarzazate, free of snake charmers and spice salesman, the bravura of an unparalleled Kasbah beckons. With such bespoke luxury and design sophistication, you'll swear it a mirage captured in the middle of a Skoura palm grove.

Fortunately for us, however, Dar Ahlam is very much so a reality. 4-hours from Marrakech by Land Rover, you’'re wizzed from tourist madness to a seemingly infinite Sahara where the sound of a single motorcycle can be heard from miles away. The property is the work of Paris party planner turned hotelier, Thierry Teyssier, who created this House of Dreams, the translation for Dar Ahlam, offering a 14-suite respite from modern life within a 19th Century citadel as visually captivating as a castle you’'d expect to see on HBO's Game of Thrones. Equally mystical, glamorous couples in freshly pressed linen frequent the vast property, among manicured olive groves and tranquil pools where staff is ever present with mint tea and goblets of wine. Interiors change twice a year, seasonally redefining the voluminous spaces with their cement floors, antique wooden doors and bathrooms with wood-burning fireplaces.

Experiencing Dar Ahlam isn't just about the visual aesthetic, as guests can expect to dine on homegrown, organic foods and replenish in the property's holistic spa offering native therapies that realign you with the spiritual world. If so inclined, guests can even visit the local Ranchers and Women's Association, tucked away in a nearby village, which supplies the property's goats cheese and argan oil. Stays are coordinated with various experiences including extending your journey and exploring outlying guesthouses Teyssier has snapped up and refurnished in a modern mix of 1001 Nights splendor. Guests also have the chance to spend a night in Dar Ahlam's tented camp. This luxury mobile camp for one in the middle of the desert, outfitted in vintage rugs and clad with private chef, allows for an unforgettable experience with just you under the starlit Saharan sky.

Written by:

Michael Martin
Editorial Review Author


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