Summer continues at Soho House Istanbul

September 21, 2016 07.50 AM

It's been a tough year in Istanbul - That glittery metropolis along the Bosporus that's proved its economic might even as all the BRICs faltered. The ever-expanding Constantinople that boasts almost every international hotel brand -and sometimes two, a la Four Seasons - is also home to an outpost of Soho House that's invigorated the city's social scene with a member's club and luxury hotel unparalleled in the Middle East.

You would never know of the outside world as you enter Beyoglu's Soho House through the stunning marble and rosewood paneled foyer. Built in the 19th Century as a private residence for a Genoese shipbuilder, the property still manages to tilt heads, leaving guests in awe under the Greek mythological scene on the ceiling of the Great Hall. For 80 years the building doubled as the US Embassy, and there are still quite a few American accents as you enter the 1st floor club bar that perks with business life by day and dressy fashion culture by night. The last 10 years in Istanbul have been like the 1920s in New York, evident in the four separate eateries on site that include an outpost of Cecconi's, that's refreshingly open to the public, as well as Mandolin and The Allis, a chic outpost located within the property's Glass Building with stunning views of the Palazzo Corpi.

While local hotel brands like MyHouse and Witt have defined the luxury bracket of boutique hoteliers since 2005, Soho House brings a more personal touch with freestanding tin tubs, herringbone floors and clubby British decor to its 87 rooms that include Mezzanine Suites with dual-level layout that are undoubtedly the best rooms in Istanbul today. Larger than any Soho House hotel to date, the property offers better services than most with massive Cowshed Spa and gym that makes you forget about ever needing an Equinox Istanbul. While it's been a tough summer in Turkey, the Roaring 2010s indeed continue at Soho House Istanbul.

Written by:

Michael Martin
Editorial Review Author


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