Let us introduce ourselves


JetSetReport is luxury travel for those that don't have time or patience for a hotel, restaurant or nightlife experience that is anything short of the very best. While we love a good deal, it's not enough to make us check-in to a hotel alone. We encourage you to scroll through our coverage cities like a personal friend, trusting that each selection is a personal recommendation and that if it's on our site it's worthy of your valuable travel time.

Michael Martin -

Michael Martin

Managing Editor

Michael Martin got his start traveling as an exchange student that eventually evolved into a life as a writer, author and journalist. A columnist covering Hollywood nightlife for the first years of his writing career, he segued into journalism working for one of Britain's largest fashion magazines before finding his own niche in the luxury travel world. Always a writer first, he oversees the daily operations and editorial direction of JetSetReport as Managing Editor.

The idea

The idea for JetSetReport came after a trip to Buenos Aires where I felt disillusioned about my hotel and restaurant choices after taking the suggestions of a magazine article that I followed meticulously. The problem was that it was someone else's version of luxury and I, like many, made the mistake of trusting mega-websites and travel magazines unquestioningly.

What we do

Every article is a recommendation from me; from hotels to nightlife updated continually for accuracy and coolness. All travel is paid for through our editorial syndication and advertising meaning that you know that the places we recommend aren't because someone else paid for the trip or we're trying to sell you a deal.



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