Hotel Jagdhof

Tyrol ski and spa hotel at Stubai Glacier

Scheibe 22 Neustift A-6167 Stubaital Tyrol Austria


Who's Going

Kai Pflaume, Ski Elite, Austrian Pop Stars

Reason to Stay

Luxury Ski Resort, Spa Setting, Sexy Clientele

Hotel Type

Luxury Spa Resort

Situated 10-miles outside of Innsbruck at what could be one of Europe's most convenient ski getaways, Hotel Jagdhof is located in the fairy tale-like Stubai Alps with their snow-covered forests and rolling hillside that recede to jagged ski mountains. With direct car service from the Innsbruck airport or train station, visitors are zipped to a thoroughly Tyrolean fantasy with lobby outfitted in hand carved ceiling, crackling fireplaces and stylish-version of mountain décor that oozes regional charm.<br />&nbsp;<br />The best hotel in the region under the Relais Chateaux umbrella, the adjoining lobby lounge perks with all day activity from afternoon cafe society fisting on mounds of elaborate homemade tortes to the gourmet eatery Hubertusstube that is worthy of its many accolades. Late nights during high-season,<br />&nbsp;<br />Built for the active, days are spent exploring nearby mountains ala hunting or biking with ski slopes in winter and glacial exploration in summer. A spa hotel in almost every aspect, a wellness center is adorned in Alpine décor with sprawling infrastructure of 17 steam rooms, soaking pools and saunas in varying degrees of chilling cold and searing hot. Modesty is at a minimum with integrated sexes revealing all in a beautiful display of unabashed nudity from pools to sauna that is unique to this part of Europe.&nbsp; <br />

The Room

Entry-level rooms are individually in Tyrolean style with local antiques and accessorized by ornate wood detailing and colorfully bold fabrics. Baring in mind that many men come and ski alone, a single room is available with a supplement offering around 200-square feet with cruise cabin-type layout albeit with balcony and private bathroom. Double rooms are cozy spaces centering on a country-style farmhouse oven that heats rooms in cold season and looks like an unsightly iron lung the rest of the year. Luxury suites are far more stylish in design with small eating area framed in wood-paneled windowsills and marble bathroom with two-person heart-shape Jacuzzi tub that look nearly as kitschy as it sounds.

Preferred Room


Special Features

Romantic Getaway, Adventure Hotel, Luxury Spa, Lounge


Pool, Spa, Lounge, Bar, Restaurant, Bistro, Historic Setting

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