Toufuya Ukai

Garden eatery offers gourmet tofu cuisine

Hours 11:30-14:30 and 6pm-11:30pm, daily
Phone (81) 03 3436-1028

4-4-13 Shiba-Koen Tokyo Shiba Minato-ku Japan


Located in Tokyo’s distinguished Shiba Park, Toufuya-Ukai is composed in a series of traditional Japanese rooms offering a majestic park setting that celebrates the culture of Edo and fine tofu cuisine. In the backdrop of Tokyo Tower, interior rooms are divided form one another in silk or rice-paper shades with staff dressed in traditional garb catering to the various rooms that vary from private to more communal. Visitors arrive to a lively bar area with sake selection as well as cubist lounge section overlooking the manicured gardens. Décor is very Japanese with black lacquers, matted floors or communal tables being the norm amongst artless walls and ceilings strewn in paper lanterns.<br />&nbsp;

The Food

This is traditional Japanese tofu cuisine, offering a wide selection of tofu presentations in addition to seasonal appetizers and sashimi dishes. For anyone with a eco-conscious aversion to tofu, the kitchen ensures that the purest water of Hachioki, Japan’s Evian, is used with premium soy beans selected from Japan’s finest crops and accompanied with natural brine from evaporated sea water to produce the tofu. The menu is divided between Iwaizen, a medley of seasonal fishes in an elaborate presentation, with Matsu, Take, Yuki, Tsuki and Hana.

Last Word

Tofu-theme dining room, with plenty of fish for non-vegetarians, overlooks majestic Shiba Park for a stunning dinner setting best on warmer Tokyo nights.

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