Tokyo eatery with 3-Star Michelin sustainable Japanese cuisine

Hours Mon-Wed 6pm-11pm; Thu-Sat Noon-2pm, 6pm-11pm; closed Sun
Phone (81) 03 3408 5056

Hills Aoyama B1 3-39-9 Jingu-Mae Tokyo - Shibuya-ku Japan


You’ll struggle with it’s name which is actually Aoyama Esaki and you’ll likely make an indirect trip in the taxi that shuttles you to the residential neighborhood of Jingu-mae in Shibuya-ku. But once you arrive to this newly crowned 3-Star Michelin sushi eatery, you won’t regret how much work it was to get to the glass doorway with blessed noren that protects from evil spirits and likely crabby critics too. A simple architecture of marble floors and predominant sushi bar features minimalist walls with exposed concrete and high ceiling amongst simple cloth-free table with chunky three-legged chairs of tropical woods. 

The Food

A series of ala carte or better recommended 7 or 8-course presentations feature Japanese “safe food” that is actually locally-sourced organic produce and ethically harvested fish that include Kinki fish �" a local delicacy. The western palette will consume many items unaccustomed to while at the restaurant, narrated by a staff with proficient enough English to comfort the squeamish eater. Prix-fixe menus ten to be lengthy albit not as time-consuming as other western eateries, quickly serving so many courses that you are barely left with any room for palette cleansing dessert at the end.

Last Word

3-Star Michelin eatery in Tokyo feature minimalist space and once-in-a-lifetime meals of sustainable, organic Japanese cuisine.

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