Morrocan fusion in lovely, romantic garden beneath the stars.

Hours 6pm-11pm, Mon. - Sat.
Phone (212) 05 24 38 49 34

186 rue El Gza Arset lhiri Bab Doukkala Marrakesh 40000 Morocco


Latitude 31 is a wonderful setting to enjoy traditional Moroccan dishes in a delightfully modern style, prepared expertly and with an eye for detail. The setting is magical: the restaurant is located within a tranquil enclosed garden courtyard, with gorgeous tile accents and tables tucked among graceful palms. A DJ plays nightly to accompany eating, socializing and merriment. When the moon and the company are just right, there's a distinct 1,001 Arabian Nights vibe capable of transporting you to a fantastical world.

The Food

The LATITUDE 31 menu is a fusion of Moroccan, Mediterranean and European influences that is sophisticated, tantalizing and delicious. Starters like seafood pastillas, local recipe salads and Harira soup are fun to share. Traditional dishes, including ever-popular local favorite tagine in all its varieties, are instilled with a modernist vibe in presentation and accompaniments: caramelized apples, thyme honey and garnishes of fragrant green herbs create intriguing flavor pairings. Almond-stuffed chicken medallions, beef filet with spicy sauce and roasted sea bass with risotto a la Marrakech hint at the menu's exiting diversity of influences.

Last Word

Special occasions are celebrated with one-off menus that are intensely creative, like scallops with lemongrass and vanilla. The restaurant also offers a separate vegetarian menu that is extensive enough to offer substantial choices. LATITUDE 31 does not serve alcohol, however they do have a large selection of delectable teas, sodas, juices, virgin cocktails and espressos. Service is courteous, excellent and prompt, reservations are recommended for peak hours.



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