A lux retreat unlike any you'll ever experience

Hours 24
Phone 52 (315) 351-0040

Km 42 Carretera Federal La Huerta -Jalisco C P 48893 Mexico


Who's Going

Bill and Melinda Gates, Heidi Klum, Luxury Revelers

Reason to Stay

All-Villa Property, Eco-Resort, Fashionable Design

Hotel Type

Eco-Luxury Resort

His name was Sir James Goldsmith and this was his Eden, Cuixmala is a rambling beachfront compound that offers four uber-villas and series of hotel-style casitas positioned at various points of the property. And what a property it is, more like a property wildlife reserve with its herds of zebra and antelope set back from lakes with reclusive cayman. A drive around the property takes you from the dry rain forest of its highlands to a deserted white beach front with turtle sanctuary and horizon dominated by the Moorish roofline of the magnificent La Loma villa. In-between, you pass through a working coconut and citrus farm with full equestrian stable, airstrip, organic farm, working schoolhouse and one of the most unique hospitality concepts you'll find in the world.

What could be the most stylish beach resort in Mexico isn't widely known to many luxury travellers given the all-villa concept. Its location is a short drive away from Careyes, the fashionable beach town with its glam holiday scene that is a short and adventurous drive away from guests. Days are spent roaming the property or at the private beach club that's a 20-minute drive from the main compound and offers an exclusive beach with grilled seafood feasts and shore teaming with wildlife from sand crabs to exotic fish. In terms of staff, villas are operated by those that long served the Goldsmith family with each including a chef, housekeeper and butler for you stay. Greeting guests is the incredible Maria, so fashionable and engaging as the brand's ambassador that proves one of luxury travel's great experiences.

The Room

Operated today by Goldsmith’s daughter and her family that occupy various portions of the estate, visitors arrived by a fortified entry operated by state police that secure the environ and allow guests like Bill Gates to ride bikes and walk along the beach without every seeing another guest. With four villa options, each has its own architectural wow factor with the beachfront La Loma and La Playa offering checker-tiled swimming pools that make those Slim Aaron’s images of Acapulco seem downright common, to hillside Torre with its jutting infinity pool and Alborada with its own lighted tennis court. Casitas feature a stylish hotel-like concept curated for guests with communal clubhouse and nine stylish one to three-bedroom villas arranged around a central swimming pool.

Preferred Room

La Playa

Special Features

All-Villa, Historic Location, Wildlife Reserve


All-Suite, Lounge, Bar, Pool, Spa

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