Katikies - Santorini

Sexy boutique resort in Santorini’s Oia

Hours 24

Oia Santorini 84 702 Cyclades Islands Greece


Who's Going

Honeymooners, Wealthy Athenians, Brit Couples

Reason to Stay

Infinity Pool, Romantic Hotel, Designer Décor

Hotel Type

Boutique Resort

Along the main thoroughfare of central Oia, Katikies hangs precariously above the majestic Aegean caldera along the most-westerly point of Santorini. It's indistinguishable entrance blends into the neighboring landscape of hotels painted stark white with the occasional domed blue roof. The village bends typical Aegean architecture of the past and present in a awesome landscape of endless stairs and infinity swimming pools that seems to defy physics. Along with the nearby Perivolas, this upscale boutique hotel is one of the hottest places to shack-up for weeklong honeymoons and exotic getaways. From the main thoroughfare and its parade of stray dogs and handholding honeymooners, guests descend a sparkling walkway that leads to a labyrinth of pristine bungalows jettisoning over the cliffside promontory. A wrong turn inevitably leads to the hotels spectacular infinity pool and outdoor bar where couples cuddle in sarongs and bathing suits from sunrise to sunset. The lobby is decorated in a sparse aesthetic of minimalist whitewashed furnishings and bright Aegean fabrics. Adventurous hotel residents eventually find their way to the hotel's in-house library and candlelit restaurant with cozy balcony home to evening dinner.

The Room

Even for fickle travelers, it’s hard to decry the location and stark-white rooms arranged from hulled-caves nestled in the Santorini mountainside. Entry-level accommodations are equipped with modest living areas with limited terraces overlooking the caldera. Furnishings mix local antiques with updated beds and loungers upholstered in bright stripes and bold colors. Unlike it local competition, Katikies offers modern touches like telephones and TV’s that bring in a bit of the outside world into this reclusive island paradise. Larger rooms are more expansive bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs as well as more generous living areas and the occasional bi-level layout. Suites offer even more space with in-room dining areas and outdoor lounge area suitable for entertaining and private parties. For those that demand even more spaces, try one of the hotel’s signature villas with private pools and in-house staff located in the nearby village.

Preferred Room

Junior Suite

Special Features

Historical Location, Designer Hotel, Honeymoon Suite


Pool, Bar, Restaurant, Library

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