Barcelona Gastronomic Journey by Chef Albert Adria

Hours 7pm-9pm, Tue. - Sat.
Phone (34) 616 69 63 22

Carrer de Sepulveda 38-40 Barcelona 08015 Spain


Enigma, true to its name, has been called Barcelona's most secretive restaurant, and with good reason: it's less a restaurant than a “gastronomic journey,” a 3-4 hour experience through a dizzying tasting menu of 40 dishes, for groups of one to six guests. World renowned chef Albert Adria, of elBarri fame, has created what he calls a “culinary amusement park” that is both an introduction to gastronomy and a maze of unique foodie experiences.The space and décor are custom made to support the Enigma experience. Translucent resin walls that look like waterfalls, fanciful ceilings in a heavenly motif, silvery surfaces and muted colors, all combine to endow an atmosphere of other-worldliness and whimsy. Guests pass through a variety of distinctive rooms, conducted as if through a dream.

The Food

The menu's 40 dishes are primarily focused on fish and seafood selections. Influences are drawn from around the world, but you will recognize many Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Brazilian touches. While selections constantly evolve, some favorites have emerged. Goat belly with pomegranate, raspberry pods with dill and sour cream, squid tartar with coconut oil; sometimes spheres and foams of peculiar composition are served, the ingredients only revealed after you eat. It's fantastical, tantalizing and ultra-exclusive.

Last Word

Reservations are handled through an online ticketing system and Enigma books up extremely quickly: expect some frustration obtaining precisely the date and time you hope for. There are strict rules regarding picture taking and sharing, to preserve Enigma's secrets.

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