VIP nightclub spin-off for wild DJ dance nights in Milan

Hours 11:30pm-late, Thu. - Sat.
Phone (39) 338 809 8326

Via Messina 38 Milano 20154 Italy


B38 describes itself as a polymorphic nightclub as it isn't just a place you go to at the weekend - it also markets itself as a corporate event venue as well as a location for business lunches. As a club, celebrities and stylish Milan residents alike frequent it. In addition, it runs special events where various celebrities make an appearance including Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and more. Actors like Leonardo di Caprio and Jamie Foxx have also been known to frequent B83. The club has two bars and a restaurant, the latter of which is situated on the first floor overlooking the main club. A modern style with sophisticated lighting effects in pinks and purples with lots of glass that makes everything in the club feel very open - almost open air. The dancefloor is even made of glass and is suspended over water. As a place to be seen in Milan, you won't find much better than B38.


B38 is a modern and luxurious nightclub / corporate entertainment venue that attracts celebrities and trendy Milan residents alike.

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The bar and restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 8am and particularly targets business lunches. The restaurant remains open Thursday to Saturday until after 11 to serve dinner.

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