Top DJs, lively atmosphere in one of the best village nightclubs

Hours 24
Phone (30) 693 283 0252

Agia Moni Square Town Mikonos 84600 Greece


Moni is one of the hidden gems in Mykonos. It is a club that the locals go to which is the best endorsement you can get. It was founded by clubbers from Mykonos, although many of them no longer live or work on the island. They come together every year, however, for the summer atmosphere of Moni that includes a large collection of regulars, but it is one of the best clubs on the island for visitors too. It offers a unique combination of local charm and international clubbing, with hospitality that welcomes people from anywhere in the world. The decor of the club is simple and almost homely, but that matches with the philosophy of the venue - its motto is "more than family."


Enjoy great DJs and a lively atmosphere in one of the best - and most intimate - nightclubs in Mykonos: Moni.

Last Word

Many are impressed by the club's intimate setting. In fact, it feels more like an exclusive club for private members than one open to the public.

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