Vv Club

Dance bar attracts summertime party following

Hours 9pm-4am, Fri. - Sat (May-Jun. and Sept), 9pm- 5am, daily (Jul.-Aug.)
Phone (39) 3290644576

Via Vittorio Emanuele 45 Capri Italy


As if concealed behind a picturesque series of nondescript windows with logo-embalzoned marquee that sits dark for most of the day as tourists crisscross the island from the Marina Grande to the far more chic Marina Piccola, Vv Club exploded onto the Carpi nightlife scene and has since offered a nightly dance following of football stars and hip-hop artists that stake-out the club for its locally loved DJs and native following. Inside, a fresh design spin to Capri more rustic nightlife locals, cocooned in a series of interconnected loungers separated by large archways that lead to a center-room dance floor with DJ booth presiding over the crowd like a stage-straddling rock star. The bar is an impressive sight with its illuminated front and crew of friendly and attractive bachelors that can pop a cork prettier than most.


During early season May-early through June the club is only open on weekends before going daily for July and August.

Last Word

Lively village dance club located off the main square in Capri. The crowd is a rarity for here, actual Italians partying the night away amongst a mix of in-the-known tourists and connected locals.

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