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Punta del Este

Where to dine

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Culinary gem nestled in Jose Ignacio's scenic Bohemian Coast.

Francis Mallmann curates restaurant at Bodega Garzon

Argentine chef does casual, communal eatery in Jose Ignacio

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Where to play

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Namm and Marismo get new perky lounge neighbor

Outdoor eatery and beach bar in Jose Ignacio

Beach dance club on Punta’s Playa Brava

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Where to stay

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Bespoke, resort luxury in Jose Ignacio

Eco-floating hotel near Jose Ignacio

Six-villa stylish boutique hotel in Jose Ignacio

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Where to relax

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Foodie market and café with grand styling at Jose Ignacio

Gourmet market and café in Jose Ignacio village

Stylish home store on the beach in Jose Ignacio

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