Enigma 3-room nightclub legend on Santorini

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  • Enigma

  • Main Square Fira 84 700 Santorini Greece
reviewed by
Angela Trotz Editorial Review Author
  • hours
    12am-5am, (Fri-Sat)
  • Nestled through an arched doorway that leads to an all-white courtyard, Enigma has made its home in Santorini's Fira since 1979. From June through August visitors arrive to the super-stylish nightspot for DJ dance parties that start around midnight and boom their way through dawn. The dance club is divided between three separate rooms including a super-cozy main bar under a tight barrel-roof ceiling with freestanding bar and flirty scene of under-40 singles. The centerpiece of the interior space is the DJ podium surrounded by an all-white Cycladic decor of VIP banquettes, stone-encrusted walls and tile floors.

    Through a more intimate seating area for privy to two-handed cocktails and conversation that doesn't require yelling, an outdoor courtyard features an additional tiki-style bar with illuminated palm trees surrounded in low-lying bamboo chairs and banquettes reserved for bigger spenders and celebrities during August high-season. The entire club is infused with a mix of electronic dance beats and occasional remixed hip-hop track that keeps the dance mood flowing as well as the bottles of Rose and occasional Ouzo shot.

  • Last Word

    Santoriniís top nightspot lures an upscale crowd of island singles and runaway wedding guests to dance away their summer nights from June through August.

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