Koo Club Indoor-Outdoor nightlife in central Fira

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  • Koo Club

  • Fira 84 700 Santorini Greece 30 22860 22025
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Angela Trotz Editorial Review Author
  • hours
    10pm-5am, daily (July-Aug)
  • An island known for romantic weddings and getaway honeymoons, Santorini isn't regularly associated with great island nightlife like its nearby neighbors of Mykonos and Crete. But Koo Club is an obvious exception with its legendary indoor-outdoor dance experience located in the island heart of Fira.. The indoor space is a two-story arched roof ceiling suspended with crystal-strewn chandeliers and glittery disco balls. A long counter-style bar runs the length of the room with backlit display case of high-end alcohols and flexed-up collection of local bartenders.

    During warm summer months a lot of the action happens on the terrace where a two-story lounge space offers an upper-level cocktail bar with banquette and table seating that overlooks a livelier lower-level bar area. A small staircase connects the two spaces and inconveniently acts for as overflow seating for those too cheap or lazy to inquire for a table. The music is tended by a single DJ mixing a mostly techno soundtrack of summertime hits and radio favorites.

  • Last Word

    Visitors arrive to a well-armored entrance that makes sure equal numbers of chic and not-so-chic visitors are allowed entrance during busy July and August months, any other time itís pretty much anything and anyone goes

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