Top of the Standard

Exhibitionist tower offers crown lounge jewel

Hours 10pm-3am, Thu. - Sat.
Phone (212) 645-4646

Standard Hotel NYC 848 Washington St New York NY 10014 United States


Celebrity chaos in the crown on New York's Standard Hotel, the space formerly known as Boom Boom Room then QT and now Top of the Standard, is a penthouse-level lounge that offers 3am debauchery privy to Madonna and Mary-Kate sightings. Not advertised on the hotel website and rarely mentioned to the hotel's actual guests. The truth hurts, but in all honesty, the lounge is a VIP destination more worthy of those staying at Soho House or GPH. The space feels anything but standard, dripping in exotic burl wood paneling and brass-trimmed bar tended by cutesy boys in double-breasted white bellman jacket.

Now known as BBR to some and Boom Boom to others, guests traipse between creamy leather loungers with linear details that recreate sticky '60s lounge culture. Andre Balasz's best hotel lounge to date, the space offers vertigo-inducing views in all directions with head-on horizon overlooking the Hudson and section of Plexiglas flooring with suicidal glimpses of 18-floors below.


This isn’t you’re usual Standard Hotel Lounge. Balasz brings bling culture to Standard Hotel penthouse aimed to recreate Studio 54 with a modern edge.

Last Word

Don’t expect guaranteed entrance just with a flash of the Standard Hotel room key. This penthouse lounge aims for more of a celeb and VIP crowd that means hotel guests aren’t always ensured access especially on late-week and weekend nights.

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