Soho Rooms Multi-room social romp for Moscow elite

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  • Soho Rooms

  • Savvinskiy Bol. Pereulok 12., Str 8 Moscow Russia (07) 495 988 7444
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Michael Martin Editorial Review Author
  • hours
    9pm-4am, daily
  • Visitors dressed in Dior Homme and hand sewn Galliano dresses arrive to a spectacular ground floor bar with floor-to-ceiling windows and DJs spinning lounge grooves that transitions to full-thump electronic music by night. A sexy set of cocktail servers and bartenders works the room looking for those in search of bottle service or just a bottle of wine. Upstairs is the in-house restaurant, accessed by a Dynasty-style staircase conducive to grand entrances and sometimes even more dramatic exits. The menu is Asian fusion mix with Russian specialties thatís more about the presentation and atmosphere than actual food. Further up the staircase is yet another bar, lined in imported marble with a sleek honed onyx bar and towering hand-carved ceilings containing 2am go-go dancers on the sills. Those looking for a more removed VIP environment find an even more exclusive cocktail lounge at the top of the venue, accessed through a private doorman on some nights or enjoyed all by yourself in the earlier evening. 

  • Last Word

    Soho House style lounge and restaurant offers Moscowís hippest social scene that requires you be pretty or rich but not a paying member.

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