The Bungalow

Beachside hotel bar is LA's top single's spot

Hours 12pm-12/2am
Phone 310-899-8530

101 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica CA 90401 United States


It seems an unlikely combination, namely 90s nightlife promoter Brent Bolthouse and Santa Monica's Miramar Hotel operated by Fairmont. But when the hotel decided to turn its somewhat drab bungalows into a series of indoor/outdoor bars, few would ever predict that it would become one of the hottest single's scene in LA - winter or summer. A series of interconnecting bungalows are conjoined by playful courtyards and terraces that evoke the feel of private home. Mismatched tables, painted chairs and fainting couches mix with roaring fireplaces, Moroccan tile work, Mexican blankets, an rambunctious singles where almost everyone seems to find a match.


There's almost always a line, so try for a private table through the owners: [email protected] - but just be sure to mix and mingle and not stay at the table.

Last Word

Charming beachside bungalow bar with great bartender crew lures focused single's scene unrivaled anywhere in LA.

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