Sea Satin Market

Oceanfront eatery, fresh wish along crashing waterfront

Hours noon-4pm and 6pm-11pm daily
Phone (30) 22890 24676

Mykonos Harbor Mykonos 84600 Greece


Its location couldn't be better, directly under the famous Mykonos windmills on a waterfront peninsula just outside of the village. Visitors enter through a narrow passage way and beside a oversize grill with iced selections of the daily catch and colorful fish you've likely never seen. Countless white tabletops line a gravel landscape as stray cats and energetic waiters in all white carry oversize platters and jugs of homemade dripping oils. Flowing canopies cover much of the outdoor patio for picturesque lunches, reseeding at nightfall for open-air dining under the bright sky and coastal lights. A bungalow-style main building and cabana bar area offers a more-protected experience for dinner and drinks during colder months and off-season.

The Food

Flashing cameras and endless photo-opts can make for a very touristy dining experience, but there is little doubting that this is one of the best fish restaurants in town. A lengthy menu of appetizers and side salads is delivered with the promptness of a well-oiled kitchen. The owners know what they’re doing, they actually own several local restaurants and nearby Caprice Lounge in Little Venice. The fish menu changes daily, presented in the flesh as diners make their way to the ice table and hand-select their favorite. Not exactly France, most fish dishes are slightly overcooked in Greece and should be requested just a little pink for flavor. Most dishes are large enough to share except dessert, which is a minuscule selection of fresh baked goods and gelato.

Last Word

Arrive early during peak season to enjoy the sunset and secure a table under the stars. Avoid smaller white fish and expect a fishier-than-usual calamari that’s native to the Aegean.

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