Baby Lobster Baby Lobster lures Acapulco’s party crowd

  • Baby Lobster

  • Costera Miguel Alemán Acapulco Mexico 744-486-0105
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Ann Vine Editorial Review Author
  • hours
    2pm-4am, daily
  • Depending on your mood, this could be the best or worst nightclub you’ve ever experienced. Located in La Condesa along La Costera, this Golden Zone dance club doesn’t attempt to have the cool cache or VIP allure of many other Acapulco nightclubs. Baby Lobster is about the two drinks you get when you only order one, and the mayhem that ensues thereafter in a scene that wouldn’t be out of place in a Girls Gone Wild Video or MTV reality series. Located on the beach in an open-air pavilion, the club is a spectacle of 2am hook-ups and 3am catfights between former-BFF’s that inevitably include a new Latin Lover that never looks or sounds as good the following day. Music ranges from pop-theme Britney remixes to heavy Latin sounds that keeps the dance floor moving till sunrise.

  • Last Word

    4am tabletop dancing and skinny-dipping are all part of the nightclub madness at the booze-fueled debauchery known Baby Lobster Bar.

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